Purchase Your Ticket(s)

Locked safely away are numbered envelopes each containing a random card.  Your goal is to select the envelope that holds the Ace of Spades.

How To Purchase A Ticket(s)

From this screen, find the enveloper number you believe holds the ace of spades.

Below the envelope choose how many chances of this same envelope you wish to purchase for this weeks draw (the default is one) then click “add to cart”.

You can purchase different envelopes for the same draw by selecting and adding to your shopping cart.

As you add envelopes, your shopping cart found in the right margin of your screen (or on the header on a mobile phone) will display the envelopes you’ve selected.

After making your choices, click on “Checkout” found under the shopping cart, and complete with credit card details.

Each week a single ticket is picked.  If your ticket is selected in the weekly draw, the envelope number you chose to be associated with that ticket will be opened to reveal the card inside.  If it’s the Ace of Spades, you win the progressive jackpot, if it’s not, you win the weekly jackpot and the progressive jackpot continues to build.

The tickets you purchase today are only valid for the week’s draw listed on the home page of this site.  Every week is a new draw, so if the pot isn’t won, be sure to buy again the following week.

Currently the lottery is paused and buying of tickets is disabled. Please check again later.